The January Project

I did not want to post this, but my buddy Ben Crawford convinced me it was blog worthy.

My best mate JReece (Jared Reynolds) and I found a workout on Tim Ferriss’s blog.  It is  essentially an experiment he  undertook on himself to see how much muscle mass he could accumulate in a short amount of time.  Read more for yourself here.  So on last Monday, January 5th, Reece and I began the January Project.  

My “Why”:  Because Reece is a great pal of mine, and since I was 15, our friendship has been based on doing fun, crazy adventures.  Be it hitchhiking around texas, hunting helpless animals in the forest, fixing destroyed cars, we are always DOING something constructive.  

So over all, this project is acting as a catalyst for my buddy and I to spend awesome time together, have meaningful conversations about life, and plenty of jokes.  Reece is going to frequent this blog as well, so we’ll be giving plenty of updates.  At the end of our venture, we’ll post before and after photographs. 


The Goal:  To obtain the most dramatic results in 1 month time

My Prediction:  I am eating nearly 3x as much a day, and am cutting my work outs down by roughly 5 hours a week.  I plan on gaining at least 15 pounds of fat.  My faith is not very strong in the program.

Work Outs

 Work out a total of 8 30 minute work outs

Each session has 7 lifts

Each lift has one set of 10 reps

Each rep is done at a 5-5 cadence

Each lift should be done to a point of absolute muscle failure

Roughly 3 minute brewaks between each lift



-Consume 5-8000 calories/day

-Food should be high protien, low sodium, low fat 

(chicken, tuna, vegetables, egg whites, etc)



Get as much sleep as possible

Work out every 4th day

A final note:  I hate gym culture.  I’m not a beautiful person, and am abhorred by the deluge of images we receive from marketing firms that tell us we are to fat, to ugly, to poor, to inadequate.  I believe in healthy living, and practice regular exercises in the privacy of my home.  The essence of this project is awesomness, not vanity.  To be honest, I feel foolish posting the pictures and even telling people about this, less there be a skewed perception of who I am.  So I hope this project is entertaining, but not detrimental in anyway.


7 thoughts on “The January Project

  1. Here’s my take for you buddy:

    1. You are going about it the correct way. Slow, deliberate muscle movement, heavy weights to muscle failure (activating your Type 2B muscles), plenty of rest.

    2. As for gaining fat, I think you are correct. I think you are consuming too much food and not working out often enough. You said you are working out every 4th day, is it the same routine every workout? Just my take, but I think your body had too much time to ‘store’ all those calories rather than use them. What does your metabolism usually do, store or burn? Understanding how your body utilizes the food you eat is important.

    3. How will you measure lean muscle mass gain vs. fat gain? Did you do some caliper readings prior to starting to determine % body fat?

    4. You said 5-8000 calories, that’s a pretty big difference (being that most people don’t even eat 3000 calories a day). Have you planned out meals? I imagine so, but just throwing it out there. Be aware that eating high levels of protein does put a strain on your kidneys so it’s good to note how well your ‘system’ is processing all that food.

    5. I know you have been doing the P90X system, it will be interesting to see how you feel after Jan vs. the previous 2 months on P90x.

    6. I don’t think I like answering peoples’ blogs in number format.

    7. I think it’s a great idea and executed properly could be a really cool experiment.

  2. 1. I think it’s funny how you stated you do anything “constructive” with Reese directly following your examples of hitch hiking and killing things. I’m glad we operate off of similar definitions.

    2. “Blog Worthy” is a relative term and I think should be directly related to the amount that someone talks about something. That being said I think anything that people can engage in and learn from is worthy.

    3. I give you 80% on completing this project. That’s pretty high in my world. I would also say that I’m 80% interested in the results. That is also pretty high.

    4. How many calories would you be eating if you are on Rainier during this program 15,000-20,000?

  3. Ok, so some how I missed the link to the ‘workout’. Really interesting. I’m pretty curious as to how well this works for your body. Keep us posted!

  4. Brad
    Within the month, Jreece and i are going to post a full description of our food, as well as some of the supplements we are taking , less we get something fun like diabetes

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